Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Projek Mikro Hidro Komuniti

video Pendek pembinaan mikro hidro di Kg. Inakaak Daerah Pensiangan Sabah

Micro Hydro Project Video

A short Video done by our Intern from Green Empowerment. just to give some background on the whole micro hydro initiative that we started over 10 years ago

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renewable Energy on the TOP of Borneo

My latest Renewable Energy Project
Harnessing nature's energy at the World Herritage Site
Recently (12-17th September 2011) we installed microsolar solar water heater at Pendant hut, Labanrata Mt. Kinabalu for Mountain Torq Sdn. Bhd. the operator of the world's highest Via Feratta. Highest effciency solar water heater in the world for the highest via ferrata in the world... how about that! .. double world class
During the installation the weather is VERY cold 8-9 deg cel (for someone coming from the tropics) but still the Microsolar can heat water up to 55 deg cel. its steaming hot in this altitude (3,300 m Asl)

Apart from installing 2 units of high efficent evacuated tube Microsolar solar water heater, we also installed 800watt peak of Solar PV to provide electricity for essential loads at Pendant Hut. Solar PV will be combined with small Pico Hydro system as a Solar-Hydro Hybrid in later Phase.
This is the Solar Hydro Main controll panel designed and build by me. The KWh meter will track how much RE power have contributed to the operations of Pendant Hut.
This time rain was very heavy.. swelling up all the usually unseen rivers up in the mountain. in this condition its not safe to install the hydro turbine. too bad we have to KIV the installation of the Pico Hydro system.. anyway a good opportunity to get back up Mt Kinabalu.
The Pico Hydro trubine and its components on "shelf" till the next phase.. when weather is better. once the Solar Hydro Hybrid is commisioned.. pendant Hut will be Autonomous from the ever failing SESB utility Grid at Lanbanrata. Labanrata experiance 4-5 Grid blackouts a day!
More to come.. stay tuned